About us
Resource Partners is an accomplished private equity investor focusing exclusively on equity investments in Central and Eastern European countries, which are members of European Union.

Resource Partners was established in 2009 by the core group of the former Carlyle CEE office to pursue mid-size, growth oriented investments in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries. We have successfully raised €293.4 million from blue-chip European financial institutions.

Resource Partners focuses primarily on identifying fast growing companies with proven management teams to supplement with our experience of managing fast organic and acquisition-driven growth.

Resource Partners sp. z o.o. is an exclusive investment advisory to Resource Partners’ funds.

We stand out among other institutional investors by:

Focused investment approach

We seek to invest primarily in growth and expansion with only limited buyout element in profitable medium and small companies. We focus on industries where our team has firsthand experience and which we understand well, such as: consumer goods and services, retail and distribution, healthcare or manufacturing.

During our investment analysis and due diligence we seek to thoroughly understand the company’s fundamentals, business model and its sustainability, the key factors determining the value of the company and affect the predictability and sustainability of business. We attract proven managers and industry experts to join us in due diligence and later sit on Supervisory Boards of our portfolio companies to provide a broader perspective, stimulate management and and share international industry contacts.


We have built our credibility over years of investing as valued partners for local entrepreneurs with full commitment in both good and bad times. We align rewards and risks with value creation. We strongly encourage equity ownership of our management teams and design innovative schemes to share upsides as well as take downside risk by our management teams and partners. We consider our investors our partners with whom we communicate openly, share information and actively discuss our investment activities on regular basis.


Resource Partners is an independent, partner-owned, private equity investor. As such we make our investment decisions without unnecessary delays, while still following a rigorous and long tested investment process. We originate pipeline and develop a unique edge to transactions leading to an independent final investment decision.

Track record

We have built our track record by making equity investments and delivering value growth through organic growth, product and geographic expansions, operational improvements and consolidations, as well as with prudent use of financial leverage. We bring together years of experience from industries that we invest in where we held managerial, advisory or supervisory functions.
  • Independence


    Independent private

    equity investor

    Resource Partners is an independent, partner-owned, private equity investor. As such we make our investment decisions without unnecessary delays.