Investment approach
Our Investment Philosophy and Investment Process have been developed and refined by 40 years of combined Private Equity experience of the team members who have invested, managed and exited multiple small and mid-sized companies in CEE over this time.

Investment Philosophy

We believe in EBITDA growth as the key measure of value creation and therefore we focus on investing in companies, which can grow above the market in a profitable manner. We believe in active ownership as the key to the successful value creation. We look for businesses with strong management teams, operating in growing markets and with clear potential to outgrow the market. We are aware that business we invest in may not be perfect in all aspects at the beginning of our investment. We are ready and able to identify the hidden potential through hand in hand work with the management to deliver value.

What we invest in

We specialize in expansion capital, management buy-ins and buyouts of companies with primary business in at least one of the EU-member countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We are keen to talk to managers, business owners or corporate owners of companies which have the following characteristics:
  • Highly motivated and ambitious management team
  • Operating in growing market with strong market position, operating in an attractive niche or having strong brand
  • With potential to consolidate its sector, vertically integrate or roll-out, locally or internationally
  • Facing a succession dilemma
  • Corporate orphans or subsidiaries that lack proper corporate attention

How we invest

  • We invest a minimum of € 5 million via capital increase or purchase of existing shares
  • We are ready to take both minority and majority stakes, as well as stage our investment to match the pace of growth of business
  • We are mid-term investors, which means a 3-5 year holding period
  • We are not providing debt financing or mezzanine; however, we are flexible in structuring our investment to provide bridge financing, if needed

What we bring, besides money

Resource Partners believes in active ownership, which we understand as:
  • Forming a trust-based relationship with our fellow investors, management teams and employees of portfolio companies, which is driven by open communication, delivering on promises and highest standards of corporate governance
  • Becoming partners in joint undertaking, taking calculated risks with the view to increase value at the end of our investment
  • Supporting, not replacing management. Our representatives are only involved from Supervisory Board level, not at Management Boards. We also actively support appointment of independent Supervisory Board Members
  • Extending management’s competence and industry contacts with our long standing international and cross-functional network of industry and executive contacts
  • Living by and promoting highest standards of ethical behavior, environmental consciousness, sustainable development and corporate governance, which generate value in long term
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    investment approach

    We seek to invest primarily in growth and expansion with only limited buyout element in profitable medium and small companies. We focus on industries where our team has firsthand experience and which we understand well.